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This beautiful collection of garden photographs is courtesy of Dani Simmonds of Everett, WA.  They are packed with ideas and inspiration for your garden.  You will find these photos used in these web pages.  A photographer and designer, Dani’s website is:  

Bird Bath with Ornamental Tree and Shrubs
Garden Path lined with Shrub Roses and Perennial Plants

Beautiful shrub roses and perennials accent this garden path

Garden Path in Autumn

Ornamental grasses and barren deciduous shrubs continue to add interest in autumn

Perennials in a Shady Retreat

A garden sanctuary in dappled shade is made more private with shrubs, ornamental trees and perennials

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Even a small birdbath adds substantial structure and a focal point to this drive lined with ornamental trees and shrubs


The striking and unusual Fritillaria


Lilacs welcoming spring

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